Staff Directory

Passionate. Creative. Awesome.

Ms. Black

"I love being able to work so closely with all of the students and staff at Drought!"

Miss DeBrabander

"The administration is very supportive of innovation and encourages staff and students to be life-long learners and risk-takers."

Mrs. Henderson

"It is great getting to know all the students and families. I also enjoy collaborating with other classrooms to give students unique learning experiences."

Ms. Kastenson

"I love the sense of community and teamwork that exists here at every level from the School Board all the way down to the students and parents."

Mrs. Reid

Mr. Voss

"Great School, Staff" and Students!!! I love the individualized attention given to meet the needs of each student to ensure success."

Ms. Conrad

Hearing Impaired Teacher

Ms. Demant

"I love that Drought's small class sizes allow me to give students the attention that they need. I love getting to know each student individually."

Mrs. Hill

"I love the small class size and personal attention teachers are able to give students. Our teachers are always willing to incorporate my suggestions and we work well as a team."

Ms. Kraucunas

Speech Language Pathologist

"The perfect balance of students and freedom to reach kids where they are makes the classrooms at Drought a great place to learn."

Mrs. Schafer

"I love that I am a teacher at a school which allows me to make true connections with each and every student."

Ms. Cushing

"It's so much fun being able to have all school activities and have a PTO that puts on spectacular family activities throughout the school year."

Mrs. Funk

"We have awesome students! I love seeing lower grade students talk with upper grade students when they pass in the hallway."

Mrs. Joehnk

"I love seeing the older kids help younger kids because it gives all of the students power, confidence, and collaboration."

Mrs. Perry

"I love watching the students grow throughout the years! I am able to provide them with unique learning experiences facilitated by small class sizes."

Mrs. Spiczesnki

"The students are great. I love every morning when each grade sends down a few students to give attendance, they greet me with, 'Good Morning Mrs. Dalton.' It makes my day."

Mrs. Dalton

"I love Drought School's small school community - it allows me to get to know everyone and help all students individually."

Miss Goodsir

Mr. Jorgensen

"I love having the opportunity to watch students grow physically, socially, and academically over the course of their middle school years at Drought."

Mrs. Ramczyk

"I love working with the kids. I am able to build so many great relationships with Drought families, and I love seeing them when I'm out in the community."

Mrs. Thomas